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WLFF/Bethesda Bariga Mobile School project 2009 (past)

The Cause

This year, we are partnering with the Bethesda Child Support Agency (BCSA), the educational arm of Freedom Foundation, a charity dedicated to pioneering social change though poverty alleviation.

The driving force behind all the amazing work Betheda do is the vision to see that all children from disadvantaged backgrounds are provided with access to qualitative education to help them thrive and develop to their full potential.


How do they do this? 

Bethesda provide a variety of scholarships for orphans and disadvantaged children all over Nigeria at all levels of education. They provide a direct link between sponsors and schools and thus ensure a steady provision of funds for textbooks, school fees and school uniforms for children who otherwise couldn't afford quality education.

Another essential part of Bethesda's work is the Schools For Poor Communities; Bethesda have built a free school in Ikota, a high density, desperately poor area of Lagos state in Nigeria. The school has been in operation since 2004 and provides free quality primary school education for over 150 children.

This amazing project has provided children with no previous opportunities for formal education, with hope for a brighter future. Many of the children who have now completed primary school education have been able to continue their secondary level education at a Bethesda partner school through their sponsorship program.


Where does WLFF come in?

The success of the Ikota school has led to plans for the construction of another free school for the residents of a poor community in Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria. The children in the area are currently not enrolled in formal education as their families lack the funds to support them thus Bethesda has chosen to build a free school for this community.

To provide the children with a suitable learning environment during the construction process, two mobile schools are to be erected on the site to enable to commencement of classes for the 2009/2010 school year!

WLFF has partnered with Bethesda to bring this vision to life by providing the school with ALL the educational resources required such as textbooks, notebooks, writing materials, art supplies, whiteboards and furniture! With YOUR help, we can make this vision a reality.

We are very excited about this project, it is sustainable due to the fact that all the educational materials donated will be tranferred into the completed school, and the mobile school will be employed as an arts and crafts center or can be used to aid another community in the future.

The results of this project can easily be quantified and we will be working collaboratively with a registered charity. We will be making trips to the school benefited in Nigeria to ensure transparency and accountability.

The WLFF Short Film Festival and Art Exhibition was held in 2009 to raise over £4000 for this project! View Event Here

WLFF visited Bariga, Lagos to implement this project in 2010. View Project Report and View Implementation Photos


Bariga Project Update (2010 visit)

In liaising with the Bethesda's Programme Manager, we were informed that the two free schools currently run by Bethesda in Ikota and Bariga, Lagos had been flooded in the rainy season, earlier this year. This resulted in severe impact on the surrounding areas of the Bariga School and the subsequent closure of the Ikota School, displacing all the attending children from the school. We understood that both schools are prone to flooding in the event of a heavy rain, due to the fact that they are located in riverine areas.

Hence, the containment of the flooding and the development of a permanent drainage system were deemed to be the most pertinent need for the Bariga School. WLFF decided to plug the rest the raised funds into this need so as to ensure that the school children were back their classrooms and learning! We will be returning to Nigeria this year, so see how Bethesda got on.




Londe visited the school to implement this part of the project View project update photos 




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